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YEDEN: THC Infused Massages and more

I had a chance to chat with Yelena the owner of Yeden llc. in Colorado Springs about her massages, THC and CBD infused Cannabis oils and where she sees the industry moving. Here are her responses. 
“My experience with the THC infused oils has been beyond amazing since they have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and neuroprotective properties. It is an excellent pain reliever, it stimulates circulation and takes inflammation away, it takes the pain and swelling away on arthritic joints, it decreases oxidative stress and much much more.” 

“With almost all of my clients I see the exact same thing, by the time they get off my table they haven’t felt this good, relaxed, de-stressed, pain free (significantly less pain) and renewed in a very long time. They sleep better and they feel healing before they even leave. I know it is not just my amazing talent. The lotions loosen the muscles and help me get in there better, which is amazing and not painful whatsoever on my hands. I have some clients who I want to come in 2-3 more times before I get a video testimony on how much massage therapy and these lotions have improved their bodies, especially chronic pain patients. It really is incredible what these lotions can do.” 

“I do not make these lotions myself yet. I will be learning and experimenting with lotions that way I can have my own lotion. But currently I use the apothecanna products, pain – calming – everyday and stimulating crème. I will be adding more variety soon.”

“I do see this trend getting more and more popular. The healing properties alone are so amazing and make such a huge difference. Once the general public becomes aware and educated on how these lotions don’t get you high, they don’t show up in your blood and really are for pain relief and joint pain it will become huge.”

‪How can someone reach you?

info@yeden.co / Yelena@yeden.co