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What you missed at the CHAMPS Show Las Vegas 2015

CHAMPS 2015 Las Vegas was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center
Half of the show was made up of Asian manufactured run of the mill glass and vaporizers. The rest of the show was a mixture of amazing unique handmade glass, new Dab accessories and some US based companies who seem to be preparing for Cannabis Legalization.

Indica Vaporizers are beautiful Zippo like vaporizers with a 2 day battery life and very precise temperature settings. The team was very knowledgable and kind.

Doob Tubes are a staple and one of the best little joint carriers out there. 

BLANKS were new to me. A pre rolled cigarette paper with a long crutch built in with a natural filter inside. You can slide the crutch to where you want it and literally suck the cannabis up into the tube, twist the end and then pack by pushing the crutch back in and cutting it off. Very nice team and solid product. 

Fresh Herbs is a saline package that you toss in your bottle or sack to keep the humidity at a steady 62%

Ill report back on how it works. I tossed in a dry bud and will check it every day for a week. 

E-NJOINT – not my favorite name but I believe the company is pretty well funded and has a nice looking and very desireable package and offering. The cannabis flavored disposable tasted like a combination of Sour Diesel and fresh cut grass. 
When puffing the tip lights up green and it looks pretty badass.
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