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WEED WIPES Cleaned my Bowl

Clean pipes taste the best!

In the mail arrived my Weed Wipes kit complete with 2 jars of resin, info manual and 4 wire brushes. I am not sure what the resin consists of but it has no smell or flavor. It feels like a light dry oil. 
Nowhere on the information packet did it say exactly what it was just that it is organic, environmentally friendly, odor free, all natural, edible (however not suggested) and scientifically formulated to clean your glass. 

The oil was separated into a liquid and a solid, so I stirred it up, I am guessing they mixed oils to make it and there is a different solidification point, they should probably add soy lecithin to it so that it combines fully and remains that way.

I had not cleaned this bowl in ever so it was a good test. I liberally applied the oil to the mouth of the pipe and ran the brush through. 
The smoked resin dripped off the sides and the brush construction was pretty strong so I was able to bend it and get around the corners. The multiple sizes made it easier. I suppose the large ones are for water pipes and steam rollers. 
 AFTER side view
You probably cant tell but it is clean and smells good. The pipe was fresh with very little work. They say it is easier to clean the next time since it has a layer on there.. ill comment the next time I try. My hands stunk for a day so wear gloves unless you like the smell of bong water.