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Top Shelf Cannabis Cases

Apothecarry has a new 4-strain cannabis storage case!

Just in time for Holiday season wish lists, Apothecarry’s drool-worthy cannabis storage case hits pre-sale on Indigogo (http://igg.me/at/apothecarry) The Apothecarry Case looks unique and classy, definitely worth checking out!
The case, the first to feature both high-end humidity strain storage and tool storage, includes 4 airtight humidity strain jars, 4 silicone dab jars, a 3 chamber zinc alloy grinder, stainless steel dab stick, removable storage nook, straps for holding oil canisters upright and space to store pipes, vapes or oil pens  — all in a gorgeous odor-blocking case that looks good on any mantle.
Apothecarry CEO Whitney Beatty says the company is a “purveyor of high quality cannabis accouterments,” and that her lux brand is targeting the millions of high-end smokers that prefer a toke after a long day at the office rather than a glass of scotch.  Beatty says: “Cannabis has grown up. Gone are the days that weed was linked to stoner culture, teen boys basements and hippies.  With legalization and more medical research than ever before, the profile of marijuana users is changing from something illicit to something enjoyable and fun. Having different stash spots all humidity controlled is SO important for the quality and longevity of your bud.
The case is definitely stash to be proud of during an after-dinner toke with friends, while being discreet enough to fit in with any homes décor.  The case will retail for $225 but is available for a limited time for $180 (a $40 discount) via the Indigogo campaign (http://igg.me/at/apothecarry).


Check it out at www.theapothecarrycase.com