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Synthetic Marijuana – Test and Review

My first impression of the smell was pleasant enough. Hints of plants/herb varieties I have encountered before and used for their scents or in food. It felt chemically dried. Not brittle but void of moisture. Appearing to be a combination of a few plant varieties and parts of the plants themselves. Grown differently but cured similarly. I took a small puff to begin with and got hit with the hot tonsil burn of chemicals and hot air. The smoke was thick but not altogether unpleasant. Some of the plant material leaves behind a clean white ash whereas others leave behind a heavy sooty black ash indicating what residual fertilizers or and phyto-stuffs were left in the plant. The buzz feels more ‘down’ than a cannabis marijuana buzz. Much more cerebral sitting on top of the head and behind the eyes. It lasted for only 30 minutes and did not increase my appetite or noticeably engorge my eye’s blood vessels.

Below is a Macro Photograph of the Synthetic Cannabis (active ingredient JWH-018)
 Once you have smoked it the ash will show you how dirty the “Potpourri” actually is.

Conclusion – Don’t smoke synthetic marijuana, go for the real stuff or none at all