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Public Policy Polling (PPP) has Prop 19 up 9 points, 47-38. Survey USA has us up 5 points, 47-42.

There is great excitement throughout the state of California over Prop 19 and a very large number of under age 45 voters are expected to turn out for the November election.  Current polls are showing that the majority of voters are planning on voting for the legalization of Cannabis for recreational use.

“Proposition 19, which would make California the first state in the nation to legalize the growth, sale and recreational use of pot, leads 47-42 percent in a SurveyUSA poll and 47-38 in a Public Policy Polling poll. Both polls had a high number of undecided voters: 11 percent in the SurveyUSA poll and 14 percent in the PPP poll.” (Baptist Press)

There are a great number of people who advocate marijuana and the legalization however they oppose the proposition. There are many reasons for some people to be against but for the majority of California, it looks like a great idea to pass it. 

“If Prop 19 passes, individuals would be able to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and grow their own pot in a lot no bigger than 5-by-5 feet. Local governments would be allowed to regulate and tax it, and stores would be able to sell it. Prop 19 opponents warn its passage would lead to more marijuana users — especially among teens — along with more crime and more drugged drivers.” (Baptist Press)

United we stand pot smokers of the land, The national number are also tipping in favor of legalization, we have some exiting years ahead of us.