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Prop 19 Results – It has been a long time coming but…

Sadly the Proposition to legalize cannabis as many feared did not pass. However, this proposition has made great headway and I believe we are still on track. Those of you who thought that legalization was actually about to happen are surely upset that it did not pass but this country is built by wealth and this time the wealth was on the other side.

With glaring clarity cannabis has been proven to be a legitimate medicine and an invaluable fiber. Undoubtedly people also are realizing that the United States is sinking into an abysmal debt.

I believe the efforts to end the prohibition of Cannabis are not only on track, they are ahead of schedule. Prop 19 contained some bad legislation and would have been most beneficial to everyday users and large corporations. Since it has not passed we are given more time to determine how best to progress. The amount of visibility this proposition provided for cannabis across the country was priceless and I feel that a much larger portion of the population is becoming educated on the matter. I envision the following.

  • In 3-5 years we will have federal legalization for medicinal use
  • In 3-5 years we also will see the decriminalization of small amounts of cannabis
  • In 5-10 years we will see the legalization of hemp (the non psychoactive male cannabis plant used for fiber)

I see great things in the future for cannabis and those who continue to support its integration into the United States economy.

Thank you everyone for your efforts and do not give up hope. We are still working towards the same goal and we have not seen a loss yet.

Papa Kief