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Marijuana Halloween Costumes 2010

In 2010 with the upcoming California elections and increased awareness across the country there is even more of a reason to dress up in your favorite Rasta gear or twist yourself into a giant joint. So here is the best 5 and the worst 5 Marijuana Costumes of 2010

Top 5 Marijuana costumes of 2010

1.    I think we can all agree that the Pasties are by far the most appealing marijuana costume with an underlying idea of minimalism.

2.    Cheech’s pink tutu is one of the most iconic stoner costumes on the market!

3.    Undoubtedly you will be invited to all of the parties if you are a giant sack of pot! Cant go wrong with this one even with the Mouse

4.    Rasta Legendary big head!

5.    These suits very fun and a great way to meet people around you as you stumble and bump.

Worst 5 Marijuana costumes of 2010

1.    This costume looks like a KKK member who likes marijuana and the grim reaper with a zombie face.

2.    Marijuana baked potato?

3.    This is about as cheesy as marijuana gets unless its in a Bacon Cheese Spread!

4.    Something about this suit is just wrong….

5.    Pot head…

Anyways, I hope everyone dresses up and supports legalization of cannabis over the upcoming holiday weekend.