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Kenichi Nalita – Political Asylum for MMJ

 I have connected with a Japanese man Named Kenichi Narita. He is a Crohn’s patient who is on a medicinal regimen of 3 grams cannabis daily to replace the nearly 1/2 Pound of pills conventionally taken by Crohn’s patients daily. He is very inspiring and intelligent. I have contacted a local marijuana related magazine and have been given the OK to write a 1500 word article relating to him. The immense difficulty in his case originates from his lack of citizenship here in the US and upcoming deportation for this very reason. Japan whose natural laws included cannabis as well as being a revered plant within Shintoism the Japanese religion, compounded by being a longstanding medicine there were impeded after WW2 when the US rewrote the Japanese constitution outlawing Cannabis among other things. Now Kenichi is in the process of applying and fighting for political asylum based on medicinal necessity to the very country that made it illegal in his country. A confounding mystery of politics.

I am working diligently to spread his word, message, and success story within the US. He has gone off of all medications other than Cannabis and is by far the healthiest Crohn’s patient I have encountered. There are currently 500,000 Crohn’s patients within our boarders alone. His biggest wish right now is for a vehicle to be able to travel and spread the message and make the connections necessary to be effectively heard. His lawyer was an immigration judge and his doctor is one of the best in the country. The quote below was taken from a letter between his doctor an the high courts of Japan.

Please Spread the news and watch for updates. I update my blog frequently

 The choice is simple see the images above to see the difference between dosing methods. For perspective see the small pack of cigarettes on the table above.

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