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How to make (nearly) odorless/tasteless cannabis

 The process of water curing cannabis is one that can be instituted for any variety or quality of cannabis. It also works to increase the potency per gram of ABV (Already Been Vaped) cannabis by decreasing the quantity of plant material in respect to THC content.

There are two methods to consider

  1. Place the cannabis in a coffee filter and immerse it into distilled water for 5-7 days exchanging the water daily for fresh water. Once the water begins to become odorless, the cannabis is also becoming odorless. There is no fear of losing your precious THC through this process since the THC is only soluble by alcohol and fatty lipids such as butter and milk.
  2. The second option which can be done in a matter of hours involves exposing the cannabis to heated water whether by submerging it in a pot of hot water, exchanging the water for new and repeating the process until the water does not contain the odor of cannabis. or it in a coffee maker and running a few pots of water through it. 

Regardless of which of the above methods you decide to use the cannabis must be dried completely before use. Best methods of drying include a dehydrator, sunlight, and time.

** The ABV cannabis may create more of a body high or heaviness since the proportions of THC to other cannabinoids may have been dramatically altered by the vaporization.