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High CBD Low THC cannabis is not a step forward

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Word is out about the benefits of high-CBD medical cannabis. Dr. Sanjay Gupta featured the strain Charlotte’s Web on the CNN documentary Weed, and suddenly legislators who had never supported medical cannabis before are coming around. Since the High CBD cannabis is so good at treating so many ailments some states are considering legalizing only certain breeds of cannabis. By this method there will be major incentive to genetically engineer the cannabis. This is GMO, it is not the cure. The cure is the plant, with all of its parts, preferably grown in soil with sunlight. 

For example, THC has been shown to damage or kill cancer cells, and it also increases appetite in patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. Children who have leukemia or other types of cancer should have access to the most effective medication possible, and that may have a higher level of THC than this new legislation would allow.
Don’t take what is offered, we must decide what is right for us and bring it forward into law.

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