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Hemp Saves Lives – Cousin of Cannabis

I found some very interesting information about how hemp was used to clean up Chernobyl after the nuclear fallout and how it might be used to clean up Japan’s recent tragedy. 

Hemp is being used for many different aspects of phytoremediation or the betterment of the ecosystem. 

Hemp plants are used to fix radioactive situations by removing toxins (phytoextraction)

Hemp breaks them down to non toxic forms (phytotransformation) 

Hemp is used to enhance microbial activity in the soil (phytostimulation)

Hemp prevents the leaching of the dangerous contaminates into deeper soils and downstream (phytostabilization). 

What are the chances that Hemp would be the absolute best for this? Who knows, but it is. Strongest fiber, best fabric, lowest environmental effect, greatest number of industrial uses, fights radiation… What cant this plant cannabis do? 

Oh and did we talk about Marijuana the psychoactive cousin of hemp? It kills cancer, saves the liver, eyes, fights anxiety, creates hunger… no wonder why everyone in high school sells weed, its big business and everyone knows it!