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General Information

Through this blog, we will find out how Cannabis Marijuana will play a role in your future. As a Medicine, a fiber and a fuel it has already proven itself worthwhile for further laboratory and clinical tests and trials.

Dispensaries and Cooperatives have begin to pop up all over the nation as more and more states choose to legalize this highly debated and disagreed upon plant. Whether you are talking about White Widow, Northern Lights, Super Skunk Weed, Purple Haze Marijuana, Big Bud or any of the other most popular marijuana strains THC content has grown significantly and so with it, its purity and strength as a medicine and a recreational drug (lets be honest). Much healthier than either Alcohol or Tobacco, cannabis marijuana steps outside of the lesser of evils category and actually is healthful for the body.

Cannabis, marijuana, indica, sativa, cannabidiol, β-caryophyllene, cannabigerol, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and many more are all simply pieces of a puzzle that has yet to be assembled. With decriminalization, legalization, state and federal allowance, more research will be conducted to elaborate and expand on what we know already. Cannabis marijuana can medically treat or prevent breast cancer, brain cancer, HIV/AIDS, alcoholism, ADD and ADHD, arthritis, sclerosis, bipolar disorder, depression, and hundreds of other conditions.

Hemp, for those that do not know is cannabis in the male form grown for its stalk and leaves rather than its flower. There are zero psychological effects associated with hemp (aside from a headache if you try to smoke it). Hemp is known to have the most useful plant fiber, which can be used for clothing, food, paper, and even a fuel.

As a food supplement it’s seeds contain linoleic acid, gamma linoleic acids polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9. All of which are very hard to find outside a flax and avocado.

Hemp grown and used for paper boasts itself as the longest lasting paper with four times more pulp per acre than trees. The growth process is far less destructive than that of wood due to the much more superficial environmental effect (dosent create harmful dioxins, chloroform or any of the other thousands of harmful organic compounds associated with the process of creating wood paper).

Hemp is a fantastic input for combustible ethanol, a clean burning alternative to unleaded gasoline. Hemp has been successfully used for many things over the years, some of the most notable is the Declaration of Independence, US constitution, Columbus’s sails, soil rejuvinators, and now in the cannabis marijuana form, a cure for cancer. The time has come for a cannabis revolution. An uprising against drug companies who fund anti-marijuana laws and advertisements.