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Ever wonder how Ancient Egyptians stored their Marijuana?

Cannabis in a Purple Jar – Ancient Egyptian Approved – Scientist Supported
Since 3,500 BC 
Q & A

1.  So what is violet glass and why should i store my stash in it?

Violet glass allows for zero transmittance of invisible UVC and UVB radiation (No invisible UVC and UVB radiation penetrate VioLiv violet-glass)

  • It keeps your stash safe – Superior protection from light degradation
  • Your weed stays stronger longer – Increased length of shelf life
  • Your THC can actually grow STRONGER – Energizing effects on molecular level
  • The dark glass and airtight seal helps maintain discretion 

2.  Why have I not heard of this before?

Because you have been living under a rock for 5000 years. Google “violet glass health benefits” to learn more

3.  What would it look like if you did a side by side comparison of a cherry tomato in normal glass versus violet glass?

Nuts right?

4.  Where can I order violet bottles for my stash of grass?

Although there are many retailers selling these bottles, I think has some of the best shaped bottles for putting in large buds. 

Thanks for bringing these to my attention Anne, I love them! I currently have a few samples curing in them now. I have done this with fantastic results for the most effervescent cannabis possible!