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DEA CannaNews — Synthetic THC Rescheduled

The DEA has proposed the rescheduling of dronabinol which is synthetic tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This change may at first seem like a good thing, however upon closer inspection you will clearly see how corrupt it truely is.

The plan would be to move synthetic THC pills (dronabinol) to schedule 3 claiming it as a controlled substance that has clear medicinal properties. The problem with this is that synthetic means created in a laboratory, non organic. This places the power and control in the hands of pharmaceutical companies. I don’t know anybody with a laboratory to link atoms together… Almost everyone I know has a place to grow a cannabis plant though. The change is based entirely on greed and surely it is being pushed through by pharmaceutical lobbyists.

The fundamental issues with this plan are as follows;

  1. The pills are pure THC which is a psychotic – CBD is an antipsychotic and is contained within the cannabis plant. The combination of the two create a balance. The pill however will be a pure psychotic. 
  2. The cannabis plant contains 85 cannabinoids each having the ability to interact with the human body and bring about medicinal benefit. Why would we limit ourselves to only one cannabinoid (THC)? The other cannabinoids don’t get you high, only THC, but they are all beneficial!
  3. Allowing the Pharma companies to sell us a single molecular structure found freely in a plant while making the plant itself felonious is pure SOCIAL MANIPULATION.

“Marinol is not the same thing as marijuana; nor is any generic version of Marinol that might be approved by the FDA in the future. Marijuana (the cannabis plant) contains approximately 500 different chemicals; and dronabinol (the form of THC found in Marinol) is just one of those numerous chemicals in the plant.” (Mike Riggs, The Daily Caller)