Dabbing Kief – It’s a thing and it’s delicious!

Kief has various grades and for Dabbing you need the finest.


To Dab Kief you must use Full Melt / Dry Sift Kief. This contains nearly exclusively Trichome Heads if done correctly. When making this type of hash you must not blend or grind the flowers too much or the plant material will make it through the screen. Correctly done Cannabis is fully cured, decarboxylated then crushed onto the top layer of your Bubble bag or Sift screen.
Plant material needs to be removed for a clean dab
The Full Melt Bubble Hash Ice Water extraction methods typically include 5-7 filter bags in 190-160-110-90-73-45-25 micron sizes. The 25 Micron bag will have your highest potency most pure THC for Dabbing. Dry Sift Kief screens are more like 250-165-149-75 stacked micron screen sizes. The 75 micron layer will drop fluffy golden pollen.
You are likely using off the shelf kief which will have lots of plant particulates making your “Dab” dry, light and unimpressive. Here is what thewarden has to say on Grasscity Forums – “avoid dabbing kief unless you get super dank kief made especially for dabbing, and even then it will still likely gum up the nail. stick to hot-knifing.”
Rosin Pouch


To remedy this issue you don’t need much, just a Rosin Pouch, hard surface, an iron, parchment paper, time and elbow grease. Put the kief in the 25 micron and lay it on Parchment paper and put another piece on top. Get your iron hot and firmly press it out from pouch center. Rosin will drip out of the edges of the bag. Keep going till you get it but don’t go too hot!!
A Dab will do ya!