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CHAMPS CounterCulture Show February 2016

A look around the Champs trade show at the glass art, pipes, bongs, clothing and other counter culture products designed for the cannabis industry.   Abracadabs Rafael Ochoa Sideshow AFG Distribution Laser Guided Visions Ryan Bader Herbal Chef Jessica Wood Dwight Calwhite Lauren Elizabeth E-Njoint Mad Dabber Hitter Boxes Dugout Galaxy Enails  
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Ever wonder how Ancient Egyptians stored their Marijuana?

Cannabis in a Purple Jar – Ancient Egyptian Approved – Scientist Supported Since 3,500 BC  Q & A 1.  So what is violet glass and why should i store my stash in it?Violet glass allows for zero transmittance of invisible UVC and UVB radiation (No invisible UVC and UVB radiation penetrate VioLiv violet-glass) It keeps your stash safe – Superior protection from light degradation Your weed stays stronger...
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Below is an instructional video on how to make a milk glass hitBy shotgunning some cannabis smoke into a cold glass (been in the freezer for 30 minutes) you can gather it in the bottom. It will look like a glass of milk and be cold and delicious.