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Cannabis Concentrates 101+

Quick informational video about the types of concentrates and extraction techniques.
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Best Cannabutter recipe

Cannabis Infused ButterInfusing butter with THC is a simple process although it requires close attention to ensure that the butter does not burn or froth over the top. The end result butter can be spread directly onto toast, or cooked into any of your favorite dishes. Main Ingredients1 oz cannabis 1 lb butter – 4 sticks 2 cups of waterWhat you needMedium sized potCheese clothwooden...
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Who and What is Kief? Legendary Question!

Kief Kif Keef Keif the Mysterious essence of Cannabis. Kief is one of the most simple yet misunderstood forms of cannabis. It is comprised of a pile of the trichromes broken off of the marijuana most commonly through a grinder or over a very fine screen. Trichomes are THC nodules that grow on the flowers of the cannabis plant of which you can see in...