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Can Felons Vote?

In the spirit of the upcoming Prop 19 November election in California for the legalization of cannabis, some people are probably asking, Can Felons Vote?

Legislature within 16 states have decided to allow felons to vote within the past decade. There is a trend towards a more true democracy as felons are given this opportunity. Although in most states the potential voter in question but be out of jail and off of parole, this is a step in the right direction.

These new laws are increasing the rate of voting within the black population due to their high incarceration rate. One in every 8 Black men were barred from voting.

It is said that although 5.3 Million Americans are not allowed to vote because of their criminal record, 600,000 individuals that could not vote ten years ago due to criminal records are now able to.

Only Maine and Vermont have truly forgiving laws creating no restrictions on their felons. Even those currently in jail are permitted and encouraged to vote. On the other hand Florida, Virginia, and Kentucky still have lifetime bans on voting by felons.

As for California, Felons may vote as long as they are not currently incarcerated or on parole! Everyone who can should vote!