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BioChar – Good for plants, good for the environment?

How to make Biochar at home – Click Here

There is a lot of debate as to biochar’s benefits for crops. Last month myself and one of the partners went to a conference on the Colorado university campus, the one in Boulder. Well, I was talking to a scientist from the FDA and he was saying that biochar’s best hope for cost-effective crop enhancement is in potted plants. So that’s what got us thinking of using this stuff to help grow the dankest dank!

It is supposed to increase plant growth while in vegetative and flowering/fruiting stages and increases yield on some plants up to 200% not to mention that it is good for the environment and soil!

“Biochar is considered by many scientists to be the “black gold” for agriculture. Its high carbon content and porous nature can help soil retain water, nutrients, protect soil microbes and ultimately increase crop yields while acting as natural carbon sink – sequestering CO2 and locking it into the ground. Biochar helps clean the air two ways: by preventing rotting biomass from releasing harmful CO2 into the atmosphere, and by allowing plants to safely store CO2 they pull out of the air during photosynthesis.” (Azadeh Ansari, CNN)

Video of Documented BioChar Test