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Biggest Legal Cannabis Crop in California

July 21, 2010

Oakland City Council has voted to allow and license four large marijuana cannabis farms to supply the four Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.  Although the council said that they would revisit the policies to consider smaller and medium sized growth operations, many are afraid that it will be too late as the large farms put the small growers out of work.

The farms are expected to open in January when the licenses are awarded. It is expected that commercial growers will flood the market with inexpensive, high yield, and fast growing strains in order to gain the largest profit margin possible. With the connoisseur spirit pushed aside for big business we may be in store for some crappy pot.

There are some great reasons for this to pass including a rash of recent home fires, robberies and even 2 murders related to the cultivation of cannabis. The new facility grow system would eliminate much of this concern as we move towards a “big-box, big-money […] with deep pockets and political connections” type of system. (Burt, Oakland Tribune)

Council member Larry Reid, co-author of the cultivation ordinance said “aid there is nothing to prevent the small growers or collectives from banding together to apply for one of the four cultivation permits, but he thinks they would rather keep doing things the way they want, without regulations to cut into their profits.”

Many are wondering how the feds will respond.