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Best Cannabutter recipe

Cannabis Infused Butter

Infusing butter with THC is a simple process although it requires close attention to ensure that the butter does not burn or froth over the top. The end result butter can be spread directly onto toast, or cooked into any of your favorite dishes.

Main Ingredients
1 oz cannabis
1 lb butter – 4 sticks
2 cups of water

What you need
Medium sized pot
Cheese cloth
wooden spoon/plastic spoon
glass or plastic container
plastic wrap
Fine mesh strainer (if available)

Bring water to a simmer, a very gentile boil
Finely chop, or grind the cannabis as much as possible and include all stems and leaves.
Add butter to water and stir until fully melted and frothy
Now add the ground cannabis and mix well
continue cooking on a low simmer for 1 1/2 to 3 hrs (potency may grow stronger with time)
remove from heat and let cool to room temp
pour the water, cannabis, and butter mixture through the cheese cloth and into the plastic or glass storing container
squeeze excess liquid from cheese cloth (careful not to break the cloth) 
put on top or plastic wrap (to seal) and set in fridge overnight or until set
The butter will harden on top of the water, remove the butter by cutting around the edge and lift the butter out. The water at this point is useless, discard it. Pat the butter with a paper towel to remove any water.

The butter can be stored for a few weeks or longer in the refrigerator.