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Amazing Crock Pot Cannabis Tincture

Crock Pot Cannabis Tincture
This recipe is for a fully activated cannabis tincture. Place a few drops under the tongue to be immediately felt. If swallowed it will subsequently be absorbed by the body in the GI tract but will take longer.
Ingredients (Increase the recipe by 8.5ml glycerin per gram)
1/4 oz well ground high quality cannabis
1 cup food grade Vegetable Glycerin (commonly found at drugstores and pharmacies)
Glass jar
Crock pot
A glass dropper bottle (for dosing)
Grind the cannabis as finely as possible and place it in the glass jar pour over the Glycerin and stir it all together. Put the jar in the crock pot and add water around the jar. 

Place the top on the crock pot and begin heating it, start with low for the first half hour. Stir every 10 minutes with a whisk really whisking it up. Drop the temperature to warm and let the mixture cook for 6 hours or longer whisking often. if it is too hot, turn it to warm 15 minutes then off for 45, warm for 15, off for 45.
Once your mixture is through cooking, pour it through cheesecloth and into a bowl. After you have poured it through squeeze the excess from the cheesecloth careful not to break it. I will suggest using gloves for this, however I didn’t and I will assure you, this stuff can go through your skin and make you Super Stoned. Just a heads up.

OK, so here is what I got out of my experiment, a dark green vicious fluid that 1/2 teaspoon is equivalent to 3 Marinol pills. It is way better though since it contains the other 69 cannabinoid types as well.
My buddy who has a prescription for and takes Marinol on a daily basis came by and bottomed up a 1/2 teaspoon. Below is how he described the effects of the glycerin as it compares to Marinol. 
  • 5 minutes in he said he felt it in his face, pulling a smile and relaxed eyebrows
  • 15 minutes in he said that it is the equivalent to 3 Marinol pills, he usually only takes two
  • 30 minutes in he said that he could feel it and it was much more rounded or complete than he experienced with Marinol, he said it felt like an edible but in a very manageable dose
  • 1 hour later he wanted to know how I made the stuff
  • 3 hours later he said he still felt good but the effects were beginning to become less noticeable
  • 5 hours later he said the effects were gone and he felt great, not too tired and not weird. 
SO I think that High speed extraction of THC can be done using Vegetable glycerin in a double boil and perhaps a Crock Pot.  below is a picture of the cannabis after the experiment 
It appeared to me that there was still THC on the plant material, so I cooked it in butter for a few hours and made some mac and cheese. It definitely still held some THC because I got extremely high but I believe that a longer period in the glycerin or a fruit press for extraction would be needed to be sure. 

Lab Results – Success – 5 drops and I was feeling great