Dabbing Kief – It’s a thing and it’s delicious!

Kief has various grades and for Dabbing you need the finest. To Dab Kief you must use Full Melt / Dry Sift Kief. This contains nearly exclusively Trichome Heads if done correctly. — Read more now to learn the right and wrong way to do it
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MUNCHIES: Stoners Guide to Appetite Suppression

THE MUNCHIES!! Everyone gets HUNGRY when they consume THC  No need to fear, this is an easy problem to solve!  1.) Drink More Water – You should drink one now!  2.) If your kitchen doesn’t look like this, don’t go in there unless you know what you want before you go!  3.) Sugar is a demon, don’t feed it! The more you eat the more...
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Buzz-Worthy Libations – Recipe Book

Warren may be new to the scene in terms of cannabis infusions but his history in spirits, apothecary and cocktails is long